Recommended Books

Looking for law books to get started for your future? Here are our top recommended books for the next EU law student.

Q & A Revision Guide: EU Law 2011 and 2012

While studies and research are necessary in studying law, the exam is the most important test for law students. The Q&A revision guide thoroughly explains the problem and essay questions that are found in the review. The guide will also teach you how to draft successful answers.

Blackstone’s EU Treaties & Legislation 2012-2013

Published by the Oxford University Press, the Blackstone’s statutes have continued to carry the tradition of quality and trust with a solid reputation for authority, accuracy, and reliability. The book is recommended by lecturers and is used for exams.

EU Law Concentrate: Law Revision and Study Guide

The EU Law Concentrate is an essential review and study guide for law students who are looking for extra help. The book coverage will enable you to get a firm hold on the fundamental principles of law and mark better results in your exam.

EU Law Directions

The EU Law Directions offer the most comprehensive guide to the subject of law. The book provides a thorough understanding of the law in context. The guide provides a range of features such as chapter questions, definition boxes, critical things and points of learning.

EU Law: Text, Cases, and Materials

Written by scholars on European Law provides insightful analysis by experts in the subject. You will find learning features to guide through each topic, including helpful conclusions and central issues.

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